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October 11, 2007

House Update #1-

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I’ve spent the last two afternoons hangin’ with “Da House”.  Mainly this is to monitor progress  on the repairs and answer questions,  but also to use my spurs when I need them (Wishlist: Black-leather bustier, black-leather  mini-skirt, a cattle prod and whip…. and oh yes, six inch black pumps.)

Today I was surprised to see Ray coming up the ladder to where the house stands now. ( one year ago he led volunteers to help us started getting the place cleaned out.) He was down because he and his crew, and the Aribi Wrecking Krew had cleaned out so many houses, but very few were actually being rebuilt right now. (one is a few blocks away from our place) He needed to know that something was happening for the better for all for their work. Hopefully what we are doing will aid others in coming home.

I was showing Ray what improvements we were making to become more self-sufficient, and then he remarked that the poor can’t afford what we are doing. I felt stunned. Yes, we are borrowing these funds from the SBA, and yes we do have to live for 30 more years to pay this stuff off, but we are lucky in that we can do that.

I’ve spent all evening thinking about what can be done for those who cannot pull off our scenario (Me Disabled and she normal Middle-Class). The only solution I can see is that Foundations and Corporations are the only way to fund the projects that can provide the improvements we are utilizing in order to survive the Post-Flood world here to those who do not have our capabilities.

There are a couple of geo-thermal projects going on in the Lower Ninth. There’s some Solar activity there too. and there is Brad Pitt’s project for many homes in the area, but it’s not enough.

So I guess tonight what I’m asking is that you all contact the many foundations around to help in this matter.

This is the only avenue I have currently.  I don’t have links or anything else. I’m asking you to search and find donors for this project. I can’t do it right now, I am busy with our poop.

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