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October 24, 2007

Eddie the “Hat” Wants Me To Pay?

So, you become the first Afro-American D.A. in the city’s history, so’s ya’s goes in, fire all the white folks and hire Blacks to replace them and think everything is tres kewl with this shit?

You lose the case against the wrongfully fired, and every damned appeal you can muster, and now you state that the city must pay the fine? That we are somewhat responsible for your paranoia and Racist insanity? Have you lost your bat-shit lunatic Racist mind?
You who can’t get a big indictment to save your soul?

Fuck you Bro! You played the race card and then couldn’t perform your job and we have to pay for your criminal actions. Fuck you twice Bro. Savvy? I’m not paying the damages from the Racial purging by one of any fucking Race in government. Damned cocksucker…
You should pay the $3.2 Mil for your crime, and if you can’t pull it off, then your children are liable for the damages, not those of us who are innocent of your sick mind and it’s neurosis. You are the criminal, and YOU must pay the price Mr. Jordan. (They are going to love you being a cell-mate in Angola.)

The other path Mr.Jordan is that you resign your office as D.A. and the city will cover your debt. You will be barred for life from seeking elective office. (Don’t like that one, ‘eh?)

Ta, Ta, and thanks for all the fish, NOT.

Update- Fieikow responds to Eddie the “Hat”.

An interesting idea from Max over at The Levee.


  1. I was reading comments at and liked the idea of the city sucking it up and paying. However, its contingent on Jordan resigning. Think Nagin would go for it? I didn’t think so either.

    So now we are stuck with a huge debt and a DA who doesn’t think the law applies to him

    Comment by karen — October 24, 2007 @ 10:14 am

  2. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Here is my solution:

    Comment by max — October 24, 2007 @ 10:52 am

  3. I swear this man’s gonna make me pop a blood vessel. It’s WAY PAST outrageous that WE have to pay for HIS racism.

    Comment by Charlotte — October 25, 2007 @ 8:21 am

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