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March 7, 2009

Dignity of All Life?

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Okay, Obama signals that he wishes that embryonic stem cell research can go forward and the religious freaks come out of the woodwork screaming about the “dignity of all Life”.

Where were the “defenders of Human Dignity” back in 1957 when MY person was violated for Societal norms? Did the cross-wearers protest to allow me to live within the constraints of my Nature-given form? Was I even asked if their manipulations to my tiny body was acceptable to what I desired for my life?

The answer is “NO”.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, called the expected announcement “a deadly executive order” and “a slap in the face to Americans who believe in the dignity of all human life”.

I repeat the question: “Where was the dignity for my Being?”.

The answer is- Morwen, you are a Teritology (monster), and since your Being what you are upsets our apple cart, we will remake you to fit our norms. Our Polar viewpoint of Life is violated by the appearance of such a creature as yourself. You had to be “fixed”, made “correct”.

Sorry Tony, your kind should have killed me when you had the chance. I survived, educated myself and then learned the truth about the horrors your predecessors visited upon my body and soul. I spent 13 years of nightmares every night that related to those “corrective” surgeries. Had to live through decades of a conflict of what my soul felt and the systems that fucks like you wish to perpetuate, all for your bat-shit belief system. Yes you motherfucker, I have been through Hell and back, and I ain’t going to stop now.

I want retribution, but I’m willing to accept an apology and the promise that your kind will no longer block our efforts to improve the lives of people afflicted with conditions that destroy their abilities to live a good life. I know this will never come.

My desire is to also witness the death of that filthy belief system that cast me and so many others into a living Hell. Following the “Word of God” did not give you permission to do what you did to me and mine. Many Humans are as Nature made them, and not even your “God” can contradict Nature.

But I digress… now we come to retribution.

Stem cell research is vital in our efforts to heal the living of so many problems- organ regeneration, nerve damage repair… the elimination of many horrible health disorders, and yet mooks like you decry these efforts in order to claim that your kind are defenders of “Human Dignity”. It’s time for your kind to STFU and vanish from the stage of Life. It’s over, and ya’s lost the war. Get over it.

Now you mis-begotten pieces of protoplasm claim to “defend” life. Yea right fuckmooks, it’s past time for you to truly do so.

Respect Nature’s actions. Honor Her possibilities and the healing of hurts that may come. Stop attempting to be “God”.

Even though your kind wears crosses, you have no control of the vertical or the horizontal. Nature is what it is, and you might stymie Her for a time, but there are those of us who will fight you in this. Humankind will always seek ways to heal and create better lives.

Get the Hell out of our way.

I was tortured so that their skewed vision of Humanity would not be troubled.

I AM trouble.


  1. Hi Morwen, you sound really pist.

    One thing to remember with the Bible Bashing God-bothering holier than though lot – they can’t claim to be Christians if they make life for others harder, if they judge others, or if generally, they are not or do not attempt to be Christ-like.

    Now you don’t sound like you’re a Christian, fair enough, the radical Christians in the world would put me off being one too if I wasn’t one allready, but there’s one arguement they really don’t like, and never seem to have a good answer to / for.

    “I am the way I am, for one of two reason.

    1 God intended / made me this way for reasons only known to him / her – Are you going to question God’s will?

    2 God made a mistake making me the way I am – Does that mean God makes mistakes?”

    And when they answer back with the inevitable, “No, sin and the Devil made you what you are” your answer, calmly and simply can be “So, who made the Devil then?” to which you’ll probably just be told to “fuck off!” or whatever words similar that they choose to use.

    Remember, most of these people still aren’t prepared to accept the fact that earth is round.

    Comment by Sarah — March 8, 2009 @ 12:42 pm

  2. Sarah, I do understand you. No matter the words I use, I do try to respect all people.

    I do beleive in the Goddess, and Her tenets come very much to those of Jesus. (who I respect greatly)

    I will try in the Future to use your perfect question.


    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — March 13, 2009 @ 12:58 am

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