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August 24, 2006

CorpWatch on Entergy

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Good old CorpWatch is still looking at the corporate screwing of New Orleans and Her people.

Take a look at this report.

Personally, I think that all of us rebuilding down here need to look to greener concepts as we fix our lives. Betts and I are putting in a full Solar array in order to power our home and screw the screwers from Entergy. (It’ll pay for itself in less than four years.) Fuck Entergy and it’s shareholders: they can get a real job to earn some money.

BTW: I happen to believe that we should nationalize all energy-based companies in the country, same as for medicine. Yep… I’m a Progressive Socialist, get the Hell over it. (If ya’s ain’t part of the solution, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.)

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