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April 7, 2007

“Big Box vs. New Orleans” Petition

Thanks to Think New Orleans, I got word about a petition concerning a retail developer that wishes to build a strip mall right in the middle of Mid-City. Please sign it if you care for the way our city gets rebuilt.

Do we really desire to live in a pseudo suburbia? Could we actually want traffic to congest major streets, tying up time and burnt gas, giving us pollution probs? What’s going to happen with the local stores, especially ones that are trying to get reopened? Will the “feel” of NOLA be replaced by the onslaughts of development that ignores the style of living we enjoyed here pre-Flood?

Can you NOT imagine a day when automobile-driven siting will result in deserted strip  malls pocketed in many parts of the city whilst we are using Transit, walking and using bikes shopping in our neighborhoods? 
If your answer to any question is no, then please sign this petition.

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