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July 31, 2006

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UNOP can kiss my panty-clad ass. I will not deal with money pigs and carpet baggers.

Fuck these ass-holes… they are trying to suck the Federal teat whilst we locals do what must be done. We know what must be done. It’s in our blood.


Screw these damn think tanks. We have been here for almost 300 years. (Don’t ya’s think we learned a few things?) We know what we have to do.

The way to rebuild New Orleans? Ask the folks who live here. Don’t give us your planning shit: this is our home. Fuck you corporate shits for trying to apply D.C. Beltway sensibilities to our realities, you can’t do it, and most of America cannot stomach it.

Okay, I’m a grassroots gal, but I’ve pegged the shits. Trust me, I don’t fuck around.

I AM one of the ones one that NW Carrolloton need.

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