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May 13, 2006

Oh Freakin’ Spare Me…

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UHHHG!!! The Right Reverend Watson has endorsed Nagin for Mayor.

The very man the preacher dumped on until the Primary came, mainly telling the truth about our Mayor and his part of the pain and loss over these last 8 months, is now stating that his decision to back Nagin is “about justice, it’s about fairness and it’s about our city’s future.” He also said that he wanted to provide spiritual leadership to the Mayor.
Do we see a Racist basis to this B/S? I think so.

Nagin performed horribly both prior to the storm, the Corps’ Deluge, and the many months that followed the disaster. He has been one major reason why so many of our people are still scattered to the winds and those of us here are having such a hard time putting our lives back together. Many of the displaced folks are the very folks that Watson claims he represents.

Relecting Nagin will cause many of those folks to never be able return home, or if they did they wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of surviving in the Chocolate City.

Rev. Watson is doing a diservice to all New Orleanians, especially his “flock”. So much for him being a Civic Leader in New Orleans. Watson is a very baaaaaad man. He should be added to the Tar and Feathers Club.

Watson Endorses Nagin

The Rev. Tom Watson, who was the top African-American challenger to incumbent Ray Nagin and one of the mayor’s harshest critics during last month’s primary, endorsed Nagin for the May 20 runoff this afternoon.

Watson, who received about 1 percent of the primary vote, constantly attacked Nagin, who is black, during the campaign. At one debate, Watson even accused the mayor of being responsible for the drowning 1,200 people during Hurricane Katrina.

But at a joint press conference Thursday at Li’l Dizzy’s Cafe on Esplanade Avenue, Watson said his past criticism of Nagin was “heated, emotional fellowship.”

Surrounded by his family, Watson said his decision to endorse Nagin “goes far beyond the mayor’s office. It’s about justice, it’s about fairness and it’s about our city’s future.”

May 11, 2006

Color Me Angry…

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I picked this up from the T-P late tonight. My heart hurts, and sleep is very far away right now.

This story upsets me greatly:Without the fact of Fate and a wonderful partner, I could easily be one of the future homeless people. I’m permanantly Disabled, 22 years of HIV and HEP-C…. I’ve worked for almost four decades, a veteran for nine years, and I’ve spent the last three decades working on Social Issues.

Would someone like me stand for this Federal screw-job on poor people?

If I had an AK-47 and a 9mm Glock, FEMA would need some new people. (I don’t miss. I’m a professional.)

I don’t care what anyone thought of the folks in the Treme, the 6th through 7th Wards, the Lower Ninth…. they are freakin’ us! They are part of our city, and dammit’, we need to fight for them.

This was a Federal Disaster… it hurt all of us, and the freakin’ Feds had better own up to that. The Feds owe us.

Look… I’ve had a 45 in my chest, been chased on my bike at 4 AM. That’s freakin’ life. All of us deserve to come home to N.O.. Maybe things will be different… maybe not, but that’s the city. It’s what we live with and accept.

I biked the neighborhods… watched the Grannies cooking gumbo, the kids playing in the yards… Try to find that anywhere else in America. Rejoice in what we actually have here… a real Culture.
This is my city… my home. Accept it as yours, and get ready for the fight of your lives. It’s coming, and our city is worth saving. There is nothing else we can do.
I’m ready… are you?

Policy shift could leave thousands of evacuees homeless

By Bruce Nolan
Staff writer

A coalition of advocates for displaced New Orleans residents called on the city’s mayoral candidates Wednesday to speak up for thousands of families exiled to Houston and elsewhere who are about to lose FEMA rental assistance, and perhaps their apartments.

A FEMA spokesman in Austin confirmed that about 7,000 of the 36,000 New Orleans area families now living in Houston are at risk of losing rental vouchers because they do not qualify for a longer-term federal assistance program with tougher eligibility requirements.

Local families displaced to other states after Hurricane Katrina are in a similar bind, although national numbers were not available Wednesday.

The news distressed local housing advocates for the poor, who said they worry that New Orleans tenants evicted in Houston may try to make their way back home, where there is little to no affordable housing for them.

May 5, 2006

Closed the SBA Loan…

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Yesterday we closed the SBA Loan for our house. I am so happy!

For months we have been paralized by the PTB as per fixing our house. Now we can start the clean-out, remediation, and start getting her raised another 7 feet. This will put us about 11 feet above sea-level. Should work considering that we only had 3 foot of water in the house when the Deluge hit.

Depending on the time span for doing this, I expect to be able to weather a Fall hurricane in the house. (We have a 15kw generator that operates off of Natural Gas.).

If my wireless Broadband holds up during a storm, we will be able to relay info to others if a storm occurs. This is all about communications.

It’s just a start, but at least it is a start.


May 4, 2006

Starting the Process

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This is just a start on learning a new Blog program.

As Alan puts it, we’re KinderBloggin‘.

Been busy today with other things in the city, but I’ll put more into this over the next few days.

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