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April 11, 2007

Recycling Demand For NOLA

The Gulf Restoration Network is now asking us to let Nagin and the City Council know that we want recycling services to be restored in NOLA. Garbage costs have almost tripled here since “No See-Um” Ray let the new contracts, and these companies don’t do recycling here. This is freakin’ B/S.

We along the Coast are seeking coastal restoration and a healthier Gulf. This means doing the best we can when it comes to disposal of glass, plastics and paper for recycling rather than just filling up landfills during their burial. We must do our ecological duty in making our city Greener.

March 10, 2007

Levees.Org Has Videos has come up with some good short videos that outline what is needed to protect the Metro area from Tropical storms and flooding. They also cover MRGO and levee failures in the city.

Give ‘em a look-see!

March 6, 2007

Last Chance- Part Three

Here’s the link for the last of the T-P’s special report on Coastal Restoration and the dire need we have down here in the swamps.

March 5, 2007

Last Chance- Part 2

Here’s the second installment in the T-P’s “Last Chance” series. Same old info, but at least it’s all in one piece.

Another piece was in the paper today concerning Industry and it’s continued damage to the wetlands. These various concerns are the opponents to Coastal Restoration which will help protect the inhabited areas of SE Louisiana.

March 4, 2007

The Other Shoe Drops…

Good morning!

Well, the T-P has started a special to the paper, Part 1 of 3, entitled “Last Chance”. It’s about the slow growth by Nature of the SE Louisiana coast, and the rapid destruction of the River’s work by the hand of industry and shipping. For those who don’t understand the factors at play in this drama, it’s a very good short course in what our part of the U.S. is dealing with at this time. For those more steeped in this field, it’s a gut-wrencher: our base fears illustrated right in front of us, and the possible loss of all that we hold dear and cherish.

The interactive graphic tells the story in a very cogent way. If some grand projects are not started in 10 years, we very well may lose the battle to save this part of the American landscape. If we lose this one, America is going to become a different world, and one it doesn’t want to confront.

There are those of us who have been trying to get this point across for almost 30 years. Our voices have pretty much fallen upon deaf ears. The visual evidence has been viewed by blinded eyes. Minds have been closed to a possible fate that could badly damage the country. All that is needed is the heart to understand the scenario and to go to work on solving the problem. It ain’t rocket science.
The truth is out there kids. All you need to do is open your minds, ears, eyes and hearts. That’s all I can ask of you.

SAVE SE Louisiana!

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